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american citizen to get humana dental plans

You humana dental plans have someone who you’ve sent a bill to that you humana dental plans I collect from that just absolutely says hey.

    humana dental planshumana dental plans
  • I’m not gonna pay and you send them to collections and you write it off as a bad debt that’s not the same thing as .
  • Writing off a copay or waiving a copay yeah so and there if there is .
  • A trend that your insurance company either when they do an audit or if they have a member one of their members I’d be also one of .

Your patients calls and applies them and says they never collect my copay and so they kind of tell on you your insurance company can can drop you from the insurance plan like we can’t audit all of your.

Charts can find you there can be some significant consequences so and it’s not just over-the-counter funds that you can’t write off it’s not submitting to insurance and just collecting the patient portion and not submitting.

This the full insurance fee you know maybe you gave the patient a discount in the office you have to also you can’t just write off and.

Then submit to the insurance company the full fee you have to let the insurance company know that you gave that patient an additional discount when you have the insurance company know as .

Well so oh you cannot just write it off serious consequences to that especially if it’s one of your major insurance plans it’s a common myth too it’s a very common myth that and we run into all

The time I’m like no you can’t just do that there’s a way to do it and a way not to do it and you have to follow the lines yes because you do not .

Want to be dropped from that insurance company or I have other further consequences so and I get when I consult in offices because we do in office consulting.

When we consult in offices I hear from Docs or what I’m speaking out here from Docs well our doctor just does it because they’re nice you know oh they don’t collect

Take Advantage Of dentalhelps

I’m going to show you exactly how   they function and it shows you very specifically the cost savings so very easy for you to know exactly what your cost would be.

when you go into the dentist office and I think that’s probably one of the most important parts because you don’t want to have to be sitting in the dentist’s chair either negotiating prices or thinking about.


what it might be costing this tells   you exactly what you’re going to pay when you go into the dentist so you can see here we have the vital savings plan and we have the dental access and you can see the cost one hundred and forty four ninety-five a year for the vital savings a year.


so that comes out to about twelve dollars a month and then you have the dental plan at one so that’s not much more than ten dollars a month it’s actually a little bit less than ten dollars a month so twelve dollars a month or ten dollars a month certainly.

something affordable that we can have that gives us a very good peace of mind on what might happen in a dentist’s office so let’s go down and take a look at some of the the actual cost so for instance a routine six-month checkup would normally cost

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Buy Dental Insurance At no waiting

Dental Insurance At no waiting evident or in your local lab and as a device called a WIT or Wagner Bryon what I tried to do  Dental Insurance At no waiting  with this was get to the point.

Dental Insurance At no waiting

Dental Insurance At no waiting

Where we could Dental Insurance At no waiting  combine appointment three to actually three and four into one appointment so that we would be able to facilitate a faster more efficient denture denture technique you’ll see that with the WIT we’re not throwing anything out.

We’re using every tried-and-true technique that we were taught but you were using it in a unique way so with the WIT you have a maxillary base that’s Mills fits very well just like a process.

Baby it’s very accurate a mandibular base um eight maxillary teeth based on your mold and shade and a group of teeth from to in one piece based on the mold and shade of the maxilla the maxillary base is very thin and it’s intact.

Clio surface fits exactly to the two reproduction of your final impression there’s no deviation is within microns of your impression the front of the tray is very thin because I want you to be able to move teeth if you need to.

I’ll show you why that plays a part later on it’s so thin that you can actually see through it and that that’s really too thin for to be structurally sound but it makes it easy to move teeth.

in this WTI if you need to move it the occlusion plane is set by two molars that are positioned flat plain on the on the base the teeth themselves will be set up flat plane based on measurements and some traditional techniques.

that were to have been developed over time the maxillary teeth the maxillary teeth as I said will be set by two by on that flat occlusal plane using the IP measurement and.

That twelve millimeter anterior point marked in blue as the anterior port a portion and starting portion for setting those maxillary teeth the horizontal plane is

Things You Must Know About Dental Help

renegotiate or maybe look at new  dental help contracting a lot of what we do is actually looking at how you contract because it’s not as straightforward as it used to be all these connect carriers are connected you know like like a web  so.

it’s how do dental help  you position a doctor so that they can get the marketing benefit from being a network but with the least amount of write-off and and looking at if they want to get out of the network if they want to add a network what impact is that going to have on their practice and so.

she’s looking at it  globally just historically what what their patient basis and how participation might impact them but then she’s looking at it oh how do they want to build their practice everybody’s a little bit different .

you know the neat thing about dentistry is everybody’s really in a different spot and it’s easy to feel like you have to follow the herd  if and whoever is the loudest person and giving you advice but it

little hiway to do that is figure out where is my  practice today and where do I want to be and how do I control that and so where  is the goal in a perfect world I think too many times dentists.

I see oome that they’re stuck in the place  that they’re at and our assume that this crazy idea that they had of how they want to do their practice doesn’t make  sense because their colleagues have told them .

it doesn’t make sense maybe step back and figure out this is how I want my my life to be because they spend more  time in their practice probably than they do at home and what do I do to to build that and don’t hire poor communicators it can’t spell and