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Down and for all ameritas dental the savings that you’ve accumulated you mentioned in your voicemail that you feel as though you’re behind because you you describe yourself as having started late but what I hear when,

ameritas dental

ameritas dental

That you have more than one year’s worth of income saved you said you make $, a year and you have , in a Roth IRA and another , in a brokerage account which means that between those two accounts between .

The Roth IRA in the brokerage account you have one year’s worth of income invested in investment accounts by the age of and you also own a condo with a % down payment and that doesn’t even count the other , that you’ve also saved plus the fact that you have no debt I

Think you’re doing really well so the first thing that I would say is give yourself some credit you you may feel as though you started late but the numbers one year’s worth of your income in investments by.

The age of that’s pretty solid and yes I know okay so for a little bit of context or a little bit of background fidelity investments put out this chart of how much should I have saved by X age because .

A lot of people Google that term a lot of people want to know that and so what they said was that by the age of you should have won X your annual salary essentially you should have your annual salary saved by .

The age of and they said that you should have to X your annual salary by the age of it should be x by the age of it should be x and then by the age of years old it should be x so those were the guidelines that was a road map that fidelity.