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american citizen to get humana dental plans

You humana dental plans have someone who you’ve sent a bill to that you humana dental plans I collect from that just absolutely says hey.

    humana dental planshumana dental plans
  • I’m not gonna pay and you send them to collections and you write it off as a bad debt that’s not the same thing as .
  • Writing off a copay or waiving a copay yeah so and there if there is .
  • A trend that your insurance company either when they do an audit or if they have a member one of their members I’d be also one of .

Your patients calls and applies them and says they never collect my copay and so they kind of tell on you your insurance company can can drop you from the insurance plan like we can’t audit all of your.

Charts can find you there can be some significant consequences so and it’s not just over-the-counter funds that you can’t write off it’s not submitting to insurance and just collecting the patient portion and not submitting.

This the full insurance fee you know maybe you gave the patient a discount in the office you have to also you can’t just write off and.

Then submit to the insurance company the full fee you have to let the insurance company know that you gave that patient an additional discount when you have the insurance company know as .

Well so oh you cannot just write it off serious consequences to that especially if it’s one of your major insurance plans it’s a common myth too it’s a very common myth that and we run into all

The time I’m like no you can’t just do that there’s a way to do it and a way not to do it and you have to follow the lines yes because you do not .

Want to be dropped from that insurance company or I have other further consequences so and I get when I consult in offices because we do in office consulting.

When we consult in offices I hear from Docs or what I’m speaking out here from Docs well our doctor just does it because they’re nice you know oh they don’t collect